Brendan M. Price

Senior Economist

Federal Reserve Board

About Me

I am a Senior Economist at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, where I serve in the Labor Markets section within the Division of Research and Statistics.

My research explores the labor market impacts of technology and trade, the safety net for displaced and disabled workers, and the causes and consequences of labor market seasonality. I have a particular interest in the efficacy of unemployment insurance in replacing lost earnings, dampening downturns, and serving as a barometer of labor market conditions.

Prior to joining the Fed, I served as an Assistant Professor at the UC Davis Department of Economics from 2017–2019. At UC Davis, I taught an undergraduate course in Intermediate Microeconomics and a second-year PhD course in Labor Economics, and I was affiliated with the UC Davis Center for Poverty Research.

I want this site to be a clearinghouse for practical guidance tailored towards research assistants and early-career economists. I’ve given lectures on best practices for organizing code and data, and I’ve posted a host of resources for economics majors, PhD students, and anyone in a position to make the economics profession a better place for everyone in it and everyone left out.

You can reach me by email at brendan.m.price@frb.gov.