Brendan M. Price


Federal Reserve Board

About Me

I am an Economist at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, where I serve in the Labor Markets section within the Division of Research and Statistics.

My research explores the labor market impacts of technology and trade, the consequences of job loss, and the safety net for displaced workers. I have a particular interest in the role of unemployment insurance in replacing lost earnings and dampening aggregate downturns. In other recent work, I explore the causes and consequences of labor market seasonality.

My latest paper, “Income in the Off-Season: Household Adaptation to Yearly Work Interruptions” (joint with John Coglianese), develops a methodology to probabilistically identify seasonal workers on the basis of repeated job separations spaced 12 months apart, then examines earnings and income dynamics among households containing seasonal workers.

Also recent is “Reconciling Unemployment Claims with Job Losses in the First Months of the COVID-19 Crisis”, joint with Tomaz Cajner, Andrew Figura, David Ratner, and Alison Weingarden.

Prior to joining the Fed, I served as an Assistant Professor at the UC Davis Department of Economics from 2017–2019. At UC Davis, I taught an undergraduate course in Intermediate Microeconomics and a second-year PhD course in Labor Economics. I was also affiliated with the UC Davis Center for Poverty Research, a consortium of social scientists studying poverty and the safety net.

I earned a BA in Economics–Political Science from Columbia University in 2009, and I completed my PhD in Economics at MIT in 2017. My doctoral thesis received the W.E. Upjohn Institute’s 2017 Dissertation Award, which recognizes “the best PhD dissertation on employment-related issues”.

You can reach me by email at brendan.m.price@frb.gov.