Alongside my research and policy work, I have an ongoing interest in effective workflows for managing, analyzing, and visualizing data. I lectured on this in my professiorial days and enjoy teaching these skills to others.

Lectures: “Organizing Data for Economic Research”

Below are the slides from a three-part lecture series I gave at UC Davis in Fall 2019, tailored to students in our Economics PhD program. These slides are a “beta version”: I plan to post revised slides and accompanying code and templates soon. Since creating these slides, I’ve belatedly started using git for version control, and I’ll talk about this in the next round. Also, Visual Studio Code has supplanted Atom as my text editor of choice.

  1. Managing Workflow

    • Principles
    • Project folders
    • Computing
    • Collaboration
  2. Handling Data

    • Coding practices
    • Data cleaning
    • Data validation
    • Data exploration
  3. Sharing Your Work (and a dynamic version to illustrate overlays)

    • Making tables
    • Making figures
    • Making slide decks